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  • General Exterior Inspections
  • General Interior Inspections
  • Automobile Start up Service
  • Contractor, Maintenance, and Repair Service Coordination and Monitoring
  • Storm and Severe Weather Follow-up Inspections
  • Welcome Home Service
  • Shutdown Service
  • Cleaning Service

It is the purpose and mission of Home Detectives Watch Services, to be "Another set ofeyes"who watches over your home during your absence.


  • Examine all doors, windows, and sliders to insure they are locked and secure, check for any signs of forced entry
  • Pick up mail, flyers, and newspapers and bring inside as to not make the residence look unoccupied
  • Landscape monitoring
  • Make sure all exterior taps and hose bibs are off and not leaking
  • Visually inspect condition of exterior A/C units
  • Walk grounds and perimeter for any issues
  • Ensure exterior lights are working
  • Assess quality of pool and spa maintenance service performance
  • Check for any obvious leaks or damage to pool and spa
  • Notify you of conditions we feel need attention


  • Examine all doors, windows, and sliders to insure they are locked and secure, check for     any signs of forced entry
  • Randomly open and close blinds and drapes
  • Room lighting will be changed as per owner's request
  • All rooms are inspected for evidence of roof leaks, including door and window frames
  • Check for signs of pest and insect infestation
  • Visually inspect water service and all interior taps and faucets for leakage
  • Check the security system is set
  • Electrical service panel will be inspected for tripped breakers caused by power surges     and re-set
  • Flush toilets to remove stagnant water from the lines
  • Ensure Air Conditioning and thermostat are set properly and functioning
  • Verify refrigerator and freezer are working properly
  • Check Air Filters monthly
  • Operate dishwasher and washing machine monthly to prevent seals from drying out
  • Test smoke detectors
  • Visually check windows. skylights, walls, ceilings, toilets, under sinks, and around hot     water heater for signs of water leaks and mildew.
  • Take appropriate actions per your request
  • Run facets, shower, and garbage disposals to prevent gaskets and seals from drying out
  • Check all timer-activated interior lights for proper operation and bad bulbs; replace with     customer supplied items as needed
  • Inspect overall interior condition of home

  • Additional Services

    Welcome Home Services

    We will prepare the residence as Follows:

    • Open shutters, drapes, and blinds as required
    • Close all closet and cabinet doors
    • Turn on main water supply valve & perform flush out of hot and cold water lines through all faucets and toilets
    • Energize water heater
    • Plug in appliances and electronics
    • Check that air conditioning/ heating systems are functioning properly
    • Reactivate ice maker in freezer
    • Adjust A/C or heat to customers desired livingcheck phones for dial tone
    • check that clocks are displaying correct time and reset when necessary
    • We can restock your refrigerator and pantry with essential grocery items per your specifications. Additional charges apply

    Automobile Start-Up Service

    • Check for flat tires or leaks
    • Move to prevent flat spots on tires
    • We will start your vehicle(s) per your schedule, and allow idling in place to bring to full temperature, and recharge the battery ( usually 15-20 minutes)
    • At your instruction, we will contact your mechanic for any necessary repairs

      Storm and Severe Weather Inspections

    • Pre-storm Inspection and Preparation
    • Secure outside items, bring in patio furniture, put up hurricane shutters

      Post Storm Assessment and Clean-up

    • Storms during the summer months can be quite violent, causing damage to homes and property from high winds,heavy rain, flooding, and dangerous lighting
    • Wewill perform a thorough combined inter/exterior inspection of your home as soon as possible after severe storm event
    • Check fuse/circuit breaker box for signs of surge damage
    • Take photos of any damage
    • Essential home systems air conditioning, security alarms, and pool systems can be damaged or de-energized by power outages and surges

      Contractor, Repair, and Maintenance Service

      Coordination and Monitoring
    • We will advise you of any conditions or situations that, in our opinion, could adversely affect the overall outcome of the project
    • We will monitor and/or coordinate any repair, maintenance, or contractor service to be performed in or on your home, and will remain on premises while work is performed if you desire. Additional charges will apply

      Cleaning Service

    • Discard all perishable food items
    • Make sure trash has been removed
    • Reset A/C or heat to "away" settings
    • Sweep and mop up floors
    • Vacuum all rugs
    • Wipe down all counter tops
    • Clean bathrooms
    • Wash and change sheets
    • Dust all furniture
    • Reset all timers on lights
    • Check that all accessible and unnecessary appliances, TVs, VCRs, DVD players, home theater/sound systems, phones, microwave oven, lamps, computers, stereos, etc are turned off.

      Shutdown Services

    • Turn off main water supply valve, and openfaucets to depressurize lines
    • Turn off ice maker and discard ice
    • Reset A/C or heat to "away" settings
    • Discard all perishable food items
    • Make sure trash has been removed
    • Close shutters, drapes, and blinds per your instructions
    • De-energize water heater at circuit breaker or wall outlet
    • Flush all toilets
    • Place baking soda in the refrigerator
    • Check that all accessible and unnecessary appliances, DVD's, TVs, VCR players, home theater/sound systems, microwave oven, lamps, phones, stereos, computers, etc. are turned off
    • Check that all windows and doors are secured for extended absence
    • Open all closet and cabinet doors for air circulation
    • Check that security system is set

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