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Home Detectives Manufactured Home Inspection Checklist.

Nearly 8 percent of the U.S. population live in manufactured homes in the United States. To increase the safety of a manufactured home, Home Detectives has created an inspection checklist and a list of suggestions that covers areas that affect a manufactured home's ability to resist damage caused by high winds. This inspection checklist reviews considerations regarding where a new or existing manufactured home is placed, how it is secured, and additions or carports that may be attached to the home.

The siting, placement, design standards and maintenance of manufactured homes are key indicators of how well or poorly the home will fare in the event of a disaster caused by high winds. With Home Detectives Manufactured Checklist Inspection we can give you a better idea of some of the things that increase your home's vulnerability to damage. Following an Inspection we may suggest some things you may need to improve the home's ability to withstand high winds.


If you can answer "YES" to any of these questions on our checklist give us a call and let HOME DETECTIVES put your worries to rest and help you protect your investment before they become an unnecessary expense

Conditions of Exterior Surfaces :
Are there loose or missing exterior trim or panels ?
Are there loose or missing flashing around the perimeter exterior wall openings and/or roof edges ?


Are wooden wedges present between the pier cap and the steel frame ?
Are the masonry piers in contact with the steel frame ?
Are the masonry holes in blocks used in the piers facing upwards or sideways ?
Are the masonry piers cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged ?
Is the cap on the masonry piers wood or concrete ?
Is the cap on the masonry piers cracked, rotted, or otherwise damaged ?


Is the wood floor framing damaged or rotted ?
Are the I-beams bent or rusted ?

Site Characteristics:

Are there trees that are in close proximity or hang over the home that can potentially cause damage during a high wind event ?
Is there a gas tank outside of the home that is not properly tied down to a concrete foundation ?
Are there power lines directly over or near the home that can pose a threat to the home during a high wind event ?

Anchor Requirements:

In general, how many straps are attached to the anchor ?
What type of anchor attachment is used ?
Are any of the anchor straps spliced ?
Are any of the straps loose or noticeably sagging ?
In general what is the angle of the strap ?
How are the diagonal straps attached to the frame ?
In general are stabilizer plates used with the anchors ?
Are any of the bolts in the anchors loose, corroded, or otherwise severely rusted ?

Perimeter Blocking:

Is there perimeter blocking located underneath large wall openings such as sliding glass doors and windows greater than 4' in length ?

Heating and Air:

Are all your ducts secure ?
Are all the ducts connected properly and off the ground ?
Are you blowing unnecessary warm/cold air under your crawl space ?
Do you have any plumbing leaks under your home ?


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